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USMC LAV-R Light Armored Veh.Recovery

USMC LAV-R Light Armored Veh.Recovery

The LAV-R is an all-terrain, all-weather vehicle with night capabilities. This vehicle is be capable of safely uprighting overturned LAVs while minimizing additional damage. It has the tactical mobility to reach and recover/support disabled vehicles. The vehicle is capable of towing a disabled LAV with suspension damage. It is air transportable via C-130, C-141, C-5 and CH-53 E. When combat loaded there are 200 ready rounds and 800 stowed rounds of 7.62mm ammunition. There are 8 ready rounds and 8 stowed rounds of smoke grenades. The vehicle can be made fully amphibious within 3 minutes. Length: 7.3m. Width: 2.5m. Height: 2.69m. Curb weight: 11330kg. Gross weight (max.): 12664 kg. 
Item No    00370
Item Name    USMC LAV-R Light Armored Vehicle Recovery
Bar Code    9580208003702
Scale    1:35
Item Type    Static Armor
Model Brief    Length: 210.5mm   Width: 77.1mm   Height: mm
Total Parts    238pcs
Metal Parts    Metal shaft
Photo Etched Parts    2 sheet
Total Sprues    9pcs
Paint Schemes    United States Marine Corps
Released Date    2007-07
More Features "    The kit consists of 230 parts in grey plastic with an additional 
8 rubber tyres, 1 metal for crane shaft, 1 brass wire for chain,
 full length PVC"




21,80 EUR
incl. 19 % UST exkl.
1 x 'USMC LAV-R Light Armored Veh.Recovery' bestellen
German Panzerjägerwagen Vol.2

German Panzerjägerwagen Vol.2

The Panzerjagerwagen with Panzer IV turret and long 7.5-cm KwK cannon, were an important innovation of the BP 44 armor train type. It was the armored pursuit car replace by the earlier pusher car. That now gave the train an effective means of against Russian tanks. In this instance, a program of new construction had been planned in 1944 by German Army: 8 BP 44 armored trains.
Item No    00369
Item Name    German Panzerjagerwagen Vol.2
Bar Code    958020800396
Scale    1/35
Item Type    Static Kit
Model Brief    Length:275mm    Width:94mm     Height:75.2mm
Total Parts    203pcs
Photo Etched Parts    2 frets of PE parts for left and right turret side skirts
Total Sprues    13pcs
Paint Schemes    German army
Released Date    2007-10
More Features "  The kit consists of 192 parts in grey plastic with a further 5 sectin
roadbeds, 15 parts in grey plastic for wooden railroad crossties, 2
frets of PE parts
Addtional Railroad Extended Length: 500mm"



32,30 EUR
incl. 19 % UST exkl.
1 x 'German Panzerjägerwagen Vol.2' bestellen
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